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Natural Essential Oils Our natural essential oils are derived from plant material using the most advanced extraction methods while preserving their inherent properties. These oils undergo comprehensive quality checks to maintain their purity and integrity. MOSHE EXIM provides a comprehensive portfolio of natural essential oils, including uplifting citrus oils, soothing floral extracts, and earthy woods, catering to the demands of various industries.

Product NameBotanical NameCASFEMA
AGARWOOD OILAquilaria Agallocha94350-09-1-Ask For Price
AJOWAN OILTrachyspermum copticum97676-13-6-Ask For Price
AMYRIS OILAmyris balsamifera8015-65-4-Ask For Price
AMYRIS HIGH ROTATION OILAmyris balsamifera8015-65-42088Ask For Price
ANGELICA ROOTS OILAngelica archangelica Linne8015-64-3Ask For Price
ANGELICA SEED OILAngelica archangelica Linne8015-64-32090Ask For Price
ANISE OILPimpinella anisum84775-42-82094Ask For Price
ARMOISE OIL (40%, 70%)Artemisia vulgaris L.8008-93-33116Ask For Price
ASAFETIDA OILFerula assafoetida9000-04-82108Ask For Price
ARTEMISIA OILAsteraceae--Ask For Price
AMBRETTE SEED OILAbelmoschus moschatus medik--Ask For Price
AVOCADO OIL---Ask For Price
BASIL EGYPT OILOcimum basilicum8015-73-42119Ask For Price
BASIL OILOcimum basilicum8015-73-42119Ask For Price
BASIL VIETNAM OILOcimum basilicum8015-73-42119Ask For Price
BAY DEC. OILPimento Racemosa8006-78-82122Ask For Price
BERGAMOTE BERG/F. ITALY OILMentha citrata8007-75-82153Ask For Price
BERGAMOTE ITALY OILMentha citrata8007-75-82153Ask For Price
BIRCH RECT. OILBetula alba84929-42-0Ask For Price
BUCHU BETULINA OILBarosma Crenulata68650-46-42169Ask For Price
BUCHU OILBarosma betulina68650-46-42169Ask For Price
CABREUVA OILMyrocarpus fastigiatus68188-03-4-Ask For Price
CAJUPUT OILMelaleuca cajeputi8008-98-82225Ask For Price
CALAMUS OILAcorus calamus8015-79-0-Ask For Price
CAMPHOR WHITE 35% OILCinnamomum Camphora8008-51-32231Ask For Price
CANANGA JAVA OILCananga odorata68606-83-72232Ask For Price
CARAWAY EGYPT OILCarum carvi8000-42-82238Ask For Price
CARAWAY HUNGARY OILCarum carvi8000-42-82238Ask For Price
CARAWAY OILCarum carvi--Ask For Price
CARDAMOM GUATEMALA OILElettaria cardamomum8000-66-62241Ask For Price
CARDAMOM INDIA OILElettaria cardamomum8000-66-62241Ask For Price
CARDAMOM OILElettaria Cardamonum--Ask For Price
CARROT SEED OILDaucus carota L.8015-88-12244Ask For Price
CASCARILLA BARK OILCroton eleuteria L.8007-06-52255Ask For Price
CASSIA OILCinnamomum cassia8007-80-52258Ask For Price
CEDAR LEAF OILThuja occidentalis8007-20-32267Ask For Price
CEDARWOOD ATLAS OILCedrus atlantica8023-85-6-Ask For Price
CEDARWOOD CHINA OILChamaecyparis funebris85085-29-6-Ask For Price
CEDARWOOD TEXAS OILJuniperus ashei68990-83-0-Ask For Price
CEDARWOOD VIRGINIA OILJuniperus Virginiana8000-27-9-Ask For Price
CEDARWOOD OILJuniperus Virginiana--Ask For Price
CELERY SEED OILApium graveolens8015-90-52271Ask For Price
CHAMOMILE BLUE OILDaucus carota8022-66-22273Ask For Price
CHAMOMILE OILChamaemelum nobile8015-92-72275Ask For Price
CHAMOMILE WILD MOROCCO OILOrmenis multicaulis68916-68-7-Ask For Price
CINNAMON BARK OIL {50%, 60%, 70%)Cinnamomum zeylanicum8015-91-62291Ask For Price
CINNAMON BARK OILCinnamomum zeylanicum--Ask For Price
CINNAMON OILCinnamomum verum8015-91-62292Ask For Price
CINNAMON LEAF OILCinnamomum verum--Ask For Price
CISTUS SPAIN OILCistus ladaniferus8016-26-02609Ask For Price
CITRATA OILMentha citrata68917-15-7-Ask For Price
CITRONELLA 85/35 OILCymbopogon nardus8000-29-12308Ask For Price
CIVET NATURALCivet absolute68916-26-72319Ask For Price
CLARY SAGE CHINA OILSalvia sclarea L8016-63-52321Ask For Price
CLARY SAGE RUSSIA OILSalvia Sclarea8016-63-52321Ask For Price
CLEMENTINE OILCitrus Clementina8008-31-92657Ask For Price
CLOVE BUD OILEugenia aromatica.8000-34-82323Ask For Price
CLOVE OILSyzgium aromatic8000-34-8-Ask For Price
CLOVE LEAF INDONESIA OILSyzygium aromatic8000-34-82325Ask For Price
CLOVE LEAF MADAGASCAR DEC. OIL8000-34-82327Ask For Price
CLOVE RECT. INDONESIA OIL8000-34-82325Ask For Price
CLOVE STEM OILEugenia Caryophyllata8000-34-8"Ask For Price
CLOVE TERPENES68917-29-32252Ask For Price
COGNAC GREEN OILVitis Viniferra8016-21-52331Ask For Price
COGNAC WHITE OILVitis vinifera8016-21-52332Ask For Price
COPAIBA OILCopaifera officinalis8013-97-6--Ask For Price
CORIANDER SEED OILCoriandrum sativum L.8008-52-42334Ask For Price
COSTUS ROOTS OILSaussurea Lappa8023-88-92336Ask For Price
CUMIN OILCuminum cyminum--Ask For Price
CYPRESS OILCitrus Reticulat8013-86-3--Ask For Price
CYPRIOL OILAnthemis nobilis91771-62-9--Ask For Price
CUBEB OILPiper cubeba--Ask For Price
COFFEE OILCoffea arabica--Ask For Price
CORNMINT OILMentha arvensis--Ask For Price
DAVANA OILArtemisia pallens8016-03-32359Ask For Price
DILL LEAF OILAnethum graveolens8006-75-52383Ask For Price
DILL OILPeucedanum graveolens8006-75-52383Ask For Price
ELEMI OILCanarium luzonicum8023-89-02408Ask For Price
EUCALYPTUS OILEucalyptus globulus--Ask For Price
EUCALYPTUS CITRIODORA OILEucalyptus Citriodora8000-48-4--Ask For Price
EUCALYPTUS CITRIODORA TERPENSEucalyptus maculata8000-48-4--Ask For Price
EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS 70% OILEucalyptus globulus8000-48-42466Ask For Price
EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS 80% OILEucalyptus globulus8000-48-42466Ask For Price
EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS TERPENESEucalyptus globulus8000-48-42476Ask For Price
FENNEL BITTER SPAIN OILFoeniculum vulgare8006-84-6--Ask For Price
FENNEL OILFoeniculum vulgare8006-84-6--Ask For Price
FRANKINCENSE OILBoswellia carterii----Ask For Price
FENUGREEK OILTrigonella Foenumgraecum----Ask For Price
GALBANUM OILFerula spp8023-91-42501Ask For Price
GARLIC OILAllium sativum L---Ask For Price
GERMAN CHAMOMILE OILPelargonium8000-46-22508Ask For Price
GERANIUM CHINA OILPelargonium graveolens8000-46-22508Ask For Price
GERENIUM EGYPT OILPelargonium graveolens8000-46-22508Ask For Price
GERANIUM OILPelargonium graveolens--Ask For Price
GINGER CHINA OILZingiber officinalis8007-08-72522Ask For Price
GINGER CO2 ESSENTIAL OILZingiber officinalisAsk For Price
GINGERGRASS OILZingiber officinalis8023-92-5--Ask For Price
GRAPEFRUIT WHITE FLORIDA OILCitrus paradisi8016-20-42530Ask For Price
GRAPEFRUIT WHITE ISRAEL OILCitrus paradisi8016-20-42530Ask For Price
GRAPE FRUIT OILCitrus paradisi (Citrus racemosa)--Ask For Price
GUAYACWOOD OILBulnesia Sarmienti, L8016-23-72534Ask For Price
GURJUM OILDipterocarpus spp8030-55-5--Ask For Price
GINGER LILY OILHedychium Spicatum--Ask For Price
GUAIAC WOOD OILBulnesia Sarmientoi--Ask For Price
HYSOOP OILHyssopus officinalis, L8006-83-52591Ask For Price
HOP OilHumulus lupulus--Ask For Price
JUNIPER BERRY OILJuniperus communis, L.8002-68-42604Ask For Price
JASMINE OILJasminum Gradiflora--Ask For Price
JASMINE ABSOLUTE CO2 ESSENTIAL OILJasminum Grandiflorum--Ask For Price
JASMINE SAMBAC ABSOLUTEJasminum sambac--Ask For Price
JASMINE GRANDIFLORUM ABSOLUTEJasminum grandiflorum--Ask For Price
JASMINE PERFUME OILJasminum officinale, Jessamine--Ask For Price
JASMINE FRAGRANCE OILJasminum Grandiflorum--Ask For Price
JASMINE HAIR OILJasminum Grandiflorum, Jasminum Officinale--Ask For Price
JATAMANSI (SPIKENARD) OILNardostachys jatamansi--Ask For Price
KAPOOR KACHARI OILHedychium spicatum93455-95-9--Ask For Price
LABDANUM OILCistus LadaniferAsk For Price
LAUREL LEAF OILLaurus nobilis, L.8002-41-36063Ask For Price
LAVENDEIN ABRIALIS 100% OILLavandula hybrida var8002-15-92618Ask For Price
LAVENDER OILLavandula Officinalis----Ask For Price
LAVENDIN GROSSO FRANCE 100% OILLavandula hybrida var.8002-15-92618Ask For Price
LAVENDIN GROSSO SPAIN 100% OILLavandula hybrida var. Grosso8002-15-92618Ask For Price
LAVENDIN SUPER FRANCE 100% OILLavandula hybrida, L8002-15-92618Ask For Price
LAVENDIN SUPER SPAIN 100% OILLavandula hybrida, L.8002-15-92618Ask For Price
LAVENDER BULGARIA OILLavandula angustifolia, Mill.8000-28-02622Ask For Price
LAVENDER CHINA OILLavandula officinalis, L8000-28-02622Ask For Price
LAVENDER MB 40/42Lavandula officinalis8000-28-02622Ask For Price
LEMON 5 FOLD OILCitrus limonum8008-56-82626Ask For Price
LEMON ARGENTINA OILCymbopogon flexusus8008-56-82625Ask For Price
LEMON ARGENTINA TERPENESCymbopogon Citratus8008-56-82623Ask For Price
LEMON ITALY OILCitrus aurantifolia8008-56-82625Ask For Price
LEMON SPAIN OILaurantifolia8008-56-82625Ask For Price
LEMON SPAIN TERPENESCymbopogon Citratus8008-56-82623Ask For Price
LEMON WASHED OIL8008-56-82625Ask For Price
LEMONGRASS GUATEMALA OIL8007-02-12624Ask For Price
LEMONGRASS OIL8007-02-12624Ask For Price
LEMONGRASS TERPENES8007-02-1--Ask For Price
LIME DISTILLED OILCitrus aurantifolia8008-26-22631Ask For Price
LIME OILCitrus Aurantifolia----Ask For Price
LIME TERPENESCitrus aurantifolia68917-71-5--Ask For Price
LIME-LEMON TERPENESC. limetta Risso8008-56-8 / 8008-26-2--Ask For Price
LITSEA CUBEBA OILLitsae cubeba68855-99-23846Ask For Price
LITSEA CUBEBA TERPENESLitsea Cubeba68855-99-2--Ask For Price
LOVAGE LEAF OILLevisticum officinale8016-31-72651Ask For Price
LOVAGE ROOT OILLevisticum officinale Koth8016-31-72651Ask For Price
MACE OILPersea americana8007-12-32653Ask For Price
MANDARIN GREEN BRASIL OILCitrus reticulata8008-31-92657Ask For Price
MANDARIN YELLOW BRASIL OILCitrus reticulata var8008-31-92657Ask For Price
MANDARIN YELLOW ITALIA OILCitrus reticulata Blanco8008-31-92657Ask For Price
MAJORAM SPAIN OILThymus mastichina8016-33-92663Ask For Price
MELISSA OILMelissa officinalis, L.8017-71-92113Ask For Price
MENTHA PIPERITA INDIA OILMentha piperita8006-90-42848Ask For Price
MENTHA PIPERITA USA OILMentha piperita8006-90-42848Ask For Price
MENTHA USA WILLAMETTE OILMentha haplocalyx Briq8006-90-42848Ask For Price
MINT TERPENESCoriandrum Sativum68917-18-0--Ask For Price
MYRRH OILCommiphora myrrha8016-37-32766Ask For Price
MYRTLE OILMyrtus communis8008-46-6--Ask For Price
MORINGA SEED OILMoringa Oleifera----Ask For Price
MENTHA SPICATA VAR OILMentha spicata----Ask For Price
NEROLI OILCitrus aurantium ssp8016-38-42771Ask For Price
NIAOULI OILCymbopogon Martini8014-68-4-Ask For Price
NAGARMOTHA (CYPRIOL) OILCyperus Scariosus91771-62-9-Ask For Price
NUTMEG OIL INDIAMyristica fragrans8008-45-52793
Ask For Price
NUTMEG OIL INDONESIAMyristica fragrans8008-45-5Ask For Price
NUTMEG OIL SRI LANKAMyristica fragrans8008-45-52793Ask For Price
OLIBANUM OILBoswellia carterii8016-36-22816Ask For Price
ONION OILAllium cepa8002-72-02817Ask For Price
OPOPONAX OILCommiphora guidotti8021-36-1-Ask For Price
ORANGE BITTER IVORY COAST OILCitrus aurantium68916-04-12823Ask For Price
ORANGE BITTER BRASIL OILCitrus aurantium68916-04-12823Ask For Price
ORANGE SWEET BRASIL OILCitrus sinensis8008-57-92825Ask For Price
ORANGE SWEET FLORIDA OILCitrus sinensis8008-57-92825Ask For Price
ORANGE SWEET SPAIN OILRosmarinus officinalis8008-57-92825Ask For Price
ORANGE 5, 10 FOLD OILCitrus sinensis8008-57-92826Ask For Price
ORANGE TERPENESitrus sinensis var8008-57-92633Ask For Price
OREGANO OILOriganum compactumAsk For Price
OREGANUM ONITES OILCretan OreganoAsk For Price
OREGANO ESSENTIAL OILOriganum VulgareAsk For Price
ORIGANUM CARVACROL TYPE OILOriganum marjorana8007-11-22828Ask For Price
OUD OILAquillaria agollocha--Ask For Price
ORRIS OILIris pallida--Ask For Price
PALMAROSA OILCymbopogon martini8014-19-52831Ask For Price
PARSLEY LEAF OILPetroselinum crispum8000-68-82836Ask For Price
PARSLEY SEED OILPetroselinum sativum8000-68-82837Ask For Price
PATCHOULI INDONESIA OILPogostemon Cablin8014-09-32838Ask For Price
PATCHOULI LIGHT INDONESIA OILPogostemon Cablin8014-09-32838Ask For Price
PATCHOULI MOLECULAR DISTILLATION OILPogostemon cablin8014-09-32838Ask For Price
PENNYROYAL OILMentha pulegium8013-99-82839Ask For Price
PEPPER BLACK INDIA OILPiper Nigrum8006-82-42845Ask For Price
PEPPERMINT OILMentha PiperataAsk For Price
PETITGRAIN BIGARADE OILCitrus aurantium amara8014-17-32855Ask For Price
PETITGRAIN LEMON OILCitrus limonum8008-56-82853Ask For Price
PETITGRAIN MANDARIN OILCitrus reticulata8014-17-32854Ask For Price
PETITGRAIN PARAGUAY OILCitrus aurantium8014-17-32855Ask For Price
PETITGRAIN TERPENELESS OILCitrus aurantium, L.68915-85-52855Ask For Price
PETITGRAIN TERPENESCitrus Aurantium8014-17-3
Ask For Price
Ask For Price
PINE BLACK OILPinus keysia8023-99-22906Ask For Price
PINE MUGO OILPine pumilio8000-26-82904Ask For Price
PINE NEEDLE SACHALINENSIS OILArtemisia Afra8021-29-22905Ask For Price
PINE NEEDLE SIBERIA OILPinus palustris8021-29-22905Ask For Price
PINE SYLVESTRIS OILPinus sylvestris8023-99-22906Ask For Price
ROSE ABSOLUTERosa damascene--Ask For Price
ROSE BULGARIA OILRosa damascena Mill8007-01-02989Ask For Price
ROSE IRAN DOUBLE DISTILLED OILRosa Damascena8007-01-02989Ask For Price
ROSE OTTO ESSENTIAL OILRosa Damascena-Ask For Price
ROSE IRAN SINGLE DISTILLED OILRosa Damascena8007-01-02989Ask For Price
ROSE TURKEY OILRosa Damascena p. Mill8007-01-02989Ask For Price
ROSEMARY OILRosmarinus officinalis8000-25-72992Ask For Price
ROSEMARY SPAIN OILRosmarinus officinalis8000-25-72992Ask For Price
ROSEMARY TUNISIA OILRosmarinus officinalis8000-25-72992Ask For Price
ROSEWOOD OILAniba rosaeodora--Ask For Price
ROSE OILRosa damascene--Ask For Price
SAGE OFFICINALIS 30% OILSalvia officinalis8022-56-83001Ask For Price
SAGE ESSENTIAL OILSalvia Sclarea--Ask For Price
SAGE SPAIN OILSantalum spicatum8016-55-73003Ask For Price
SANDALWOOD INDIA OILSantalum Album--Ask For Price
SANDALWOOD INDONESIA OILSantalum album8006-87-93005Ask For Price
SANDALWOOD AUSTRALIA OILSantalum spicatum--Ask For Price
SANDAL WOOD OILSantalum album--Ask For Price
SAVORY OILSatureja Montana90106-57-33016Ask For Price
SHAMAMANymphaea lotus, nymphaea nouchali-Ask For Price
SPEARMINT OILMentha spicata--Ask For Price
SPEARMINT ESSENCEMentha spicata--Ask For Price
SPEARMINT OIL 60%Mentha spicata8008-79-53032Ask For Price
SPEARMINT OIL 80%Mentha spicata8008-79-53030Ask For Price
SPEARMINT NATIVE OILEvernia furfuracea8008-79-53032Ask For Price
SPIKE LAVENDER OILLavendula latifolia8016-78-23033Ask For Price
SPIKENARD OILNardostachys Jatamansi8022-22-8-Ask For Price
STAR ANISEED OILIllicium verum8007-70-32096Ask For Price
STAR ANISEED TERPENESPimpinella anisum8007-70-32289Ask For Price
STY RAX OILStyrax benzoin8024-01-93036Ask For Price
SAFFRON OILCrocus sativus--Ask For Price
TAGETE OILTagetes Minuta8016-84-03040Ask For Price
TARRAGON OILArtimisia dracunculus8016-88-42412Ask For Price
TEA TREE OILMelaleuca alternifolia68647-73-43902Ask For Price
THUJA OILThuja occidentalis8007-20-3-Ask For Price
THYME OILThymus vulgaris8007-46-33064Ask For Price
THYME RED OILThymus vulgaris8007-46-33064Ask For Price
THYME WHITE OILThymus zygis.8007-46-33065Ask For Price
TURMERIC OILCurcuma Longa8024-37-1-Ask For Price
TURPENTINE OILPinus sylvestris8006-64-23089Ask For Price
Tolu Balsam OilMyroxylon pereirae--Ask For Price
VALERIAN ROOT OILValeriana Officinalis8008-88-63100Ask For Price
VERBENA MOROCCO OILLippia citriodora8024-12-2Ask For Price
VETIVER CHINA OILVetiveria zizanoides8016-96-4Ask For Price
VETIVER HAITI OILVetiveria zizanoides8016-96-4Ask For Price
VETIVER JAVA OILVetiveria zizanioides, (L.) Nash8016-96-4-Ask For Price
VETIVER TERPENESVetiveria zizanioides8016-96-4-Ask For Price
VANILLA OILVanilla Planifolia--Ask For Price
WINTERGREEN OILGaultheria procumbens68917-75-63113Ask For Price
WORMWOOD HIGH TUYONE OILArtemisia Absinthium8008-93-33116Ask For Price
WORMWOOD LOW TUYONE OILArtemisia Absinthium, L.8008-93-33116Ask For Price
YARROW OILAchillea millefolium8022-07-9Ask For Price
YLANG EXTRA OILCananga adorata8006-81-33119Ask For Price
YLANG 1, II. Ill OILCananga odorata.8006-81-33119Ask For Price