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Known for their refreshing and invigorating properties, our mint oils captivate the senses with their cool, crisp aroma. Carefully cultivated and extracted, our mint oils maintain their natural balance of menthol and other volatile organic compounds. With applications ranging from oral care to aromatherapy, our mint oils embody the essence of nature’s ultimate revitalizing herb.

ANETHOLE 99.5% PLUS (EX-BASIL OIL) Ocium Basiclicum104-46-12086Ask For Price
CRUDE DEMENTHOLISED OILMentha Shivalic8006-90-42848Ask For Price
GRADED MENTHONE OILMethyl isopropyl cyc--Ask For Price
INDIAN BASIL OIL (CHAVICOL)Ocimum Basillicum8015-73-42119Ask For Price
ISO MENTHONE (FRACTION OF DE-MENTHOLISED OIL)Mentha arvensis2216-51-52665Ask For Price
L-CARVONS 55% & 60%Citrus aurantium Linn6485-40-12249Ask For Price
L-MENTHOL 38-40% TMC 50%Mentha Arvensis218-690-92665Ask For Price
L-MENTHOL 38% TMC 50%Mentha Arvensis8006-90-42665Ask For Price
L-MENTHOL 50% TMC 65%Mentha Arvensis8006-90-42665Ask For Price
LEAF ACETATE OR CIIS III HEXANOLMentha Arvensis3681-71-83171Ask For Price
LIQUID-MENTHOL (PEPPERMINT OIL)Mentha x piperita8006-90-42848Ask For Price
MENTHA CITRATA OILMentha citrata68917-15-72563Ask For Price
MENTHA CRUDE OILEx-Mentha Arvensis8002-05-92848Ask For Price
MENTHA OIL NATURAL CRUDE & DE-TERPENATEDEx-Mentha Arvensis8006-90-42665Ask For Price
MENTHA PIPERATA OILMentha piperita8006-90-42848Ask For Price
MENTHA PIPERITA OIL (OIL PEPPERMINT EX-PIPERITA)Mentha piperita8006-90-42848Ask For Price
MENTHOL BOLD CRYSTALHexahydrothymol2216-51-52665Ask For Price
MENTHOL BOLD CRYSTALS (TREPENES-LESS)Oil of Mentha Arvensis-LIM2216-51-52665Ask For Price
MENTHOL FINE FLAKESHexahydrothymol3658-77-33174Ask For Price
MENTHOL FLAKES/ POWDER DRYHexahydrothymol23747-48-03306Ask For Price
MENTHOL LARGE CRYSTALSHexahydrothymol2216-51-52665Ask For Price
MENTHOL MEDIUM CRYSTALSHexahydrothymol2216-51-52665Ask For Price
MENTHOL POWDER MELTED L-MENTHOL 96%Mentha piperita Linn.218-690-92665Ask For Price
MENTHOL SMALL CRYSTALSMentha arvensis2216-51-52665Ask For Price
MENTHONE 75%-23%Mentha piperita10458-14-72667Ask For Price
MENTHONE 80%-18%Mentha piperita10458-14-72667Ask For Price
MENTHONE NATURAL CRUDE 95% & 98%Mentha piperita1074-95-93460Ask For Price
MENTHONE PROCESSED 95:5 90:10 & 80:20Mentha piperita10458-14-72667Ask For Price
MINT TERPENES CRUDEMentha piperita8016-38-42771Ask For Price
MENTHA ARVENSIS OILMentha Arvensis--Ask For Price
MENTHOL FLAKES OILMentha Arvensis--Ask For Price
Mint Terpene OilMentha Arvensis--Ask For Price
Menthyl Acetate OilMentha Arvensis--Ask For Price
NEO MENTHOLMentha Arvensis2216-52-62666Ask For Price
NATURAL MENTHOL OILMentha arvinces--Ask For Price
PEPPERMINT OIL 52%Mentha piperita8006-90-42817Ask For Price
PEPPERMINT OIL 72%Mentha piperita8004-40-22817Ask For Price
PEPPERMINT OIL 95%Mentha piperita8004-70-22667Ask For Price
PEPPERMINT OIL DE-MENTHOLISED CRUDEMentha piperita8000-34-42848Ask For Price
SPEARMINT OILMentha spicata8008-79-53032Ask For Price
SPEARMINT OIL 60%Mentha spicata8008-79-53032Ask For Price
SPEARMINT OIL 80%Mentha spicata8008-79-53030Ask For Price
THYMOL BP/USP/FCCThymus Vulgaris89-83-83066Ask For Price
Terpineol OilPinus--Ask For Price